Real Estate & Property Rights

In recent years I have assisted clients in fighting lenders who seek to foreclose on my clients’ homes.



Wrongful Foreclosure


While banks and other lenders may want to lend you money, typically the law views the relationship between a lender and a borrower as between two distinct parties. Loan modification is a serious step to take, and seems to create problems for even the most detail oriented person. Be sure to understand what you sign by way of loan and/or loan modification documentation, even if you have to hire me or some other attorney up front to review the documentation. “I didn’t know what I was signing,” “I was in a hurry,” “I was not given enough time to sign the documents at the final closing sit-down,” are typically not good defenses to a lender’s subsequent foreclosure efforts.


Be advised that the Lender and its agents typically DO NOT owe you any fiduciary duty or allegiance. A good rule of thumb is that if any unplanned deviation from the loan or loan modification is cause for serious concern and scrutiny. This is so even if it is the lender who is engaging in the deviation and that deviation seems to be in your favor. Do not let such deviations go un-investigated.


Other Property Issues


I have helped clients with many different types of California real estate matters. In addition to home loan and mortgage issues, I handle claims involving real property. Such claims may involve disputes over easements, HOA/Board issues, and other matters involving both residential and commercial real estate.