Americans with Disabilities Act

Despite the ADA being over 25 years old, compliance is still lacking. From disability discrimination in the workplace to cases involving rights of access, I can help.



ADA Access 


While the law mandates that businesses must be accessible to individuals with disabilities, what that means can be hard to interpret. For individuals of varying abilities, access looks different, and businesses need to be prepared to serve the needs of all.


In my practice, the goal is to improve access. To that end, I represent both individuals who are seeking access as well as small businesses that have been sued for access violations in California state and federal courts. If you are seeking representation to resolve an ADA access dispute, contact me today for a free consultation.


Disability Discrimination


Although discrimination is most often thought of in terms of race and gender, disabled individuals in the workplace also face insidious intentional and systemic discrimination. Fortunately, individuals have protections under both federal and state law to vindicate their rights.